Original Paintings, Fine Art Prints, 'Hero' Cushions and Textiles by Sydney and Tahiti based artist Tania Wursig.

Tania Wursig's work is predominantly a celebration of life with an exotic, bohemian flavour, flamboyant colour palette and strong cultural influences that span from the Gypsy caves of Granada to the islands of Polynesia.

Having a career that spans more than 2 decades which includes numerous exhibitions held both nationally and internationally, 6 years directing and curating her own Gallery, (Gallery Aloft) and a 3 month annual painting residency in Tahiti, Tania's works are held in public and private collections worldwide.

In her Sydney studio Tania teaches art classes and during the months of July, August and September, Tania is artist in residence at Le Meridien Tahiti where she runs painting workshops on the islands of Tahiti, Bora Bora  and Huahine aptly named


Whilst maintaining a solid career as a visual artist, in 2013 Tania established herself in the world of textiles with the launch of her new brand;

"Seduced by Adventure, Inspired by Nature, Created with Passion and Made with Love....

Enjoy with Wild Abandon!"

With this catch phrase, Tania Wursig's creative brainchild 'Bohemian Island Palace' endeavours to bring a touch of the exotic into everyday life.  The designs encompass this artists diverse, distinctive and unique style/lifestyle in the form of 100% ECO friendly, Australian made, limited edition 'Hero' cushions, textiles and much more.